Till date, they seize Rs. 5.54 core

The Anantapur police have so far seized unaccounted cash worth Rs. 5.54 crore, besides nine kilograms of gold and other articles, said Superintendent of Police S. Senthil Kumar, speaking to The Hindu.

According to the statistics given by the Police Department, the police deposited Rs. 5.5 crore of unaccounted cash with the Income Tax authorities so far in vehicle checking and raids by static surveillance and flying squads in the district.

The police have also seized Rs. 23 lakh cash which was being distributed by candidates amongst the electorate as part of the municipal and Zilla and Mandal Parishad elections.

8,860 sarees worth Rs. 8 lakh have also been seized besides thousands of wall clocks in raids conducted around the district.

The police have also seized 7,626 quarter bottles of liquor besides 1,000 litres of ID liquor in similar raids, registering around 185 related cases under various sections of the Excise Act.

The district police, which has put a special focus on ensuring that violence of any degree is avoided in the coming elections, has also ensured that 928 licenced weapons are deposited with them even as they confiscated 2 pistols, 13 country made bombs, 25 hunting sickles, 15 rounds of ammunition besides 1,250 gelatin sticks, 85 detonators and 210 kilos of ammonium nitrate.

On the other hand, the police have also filed 1,483 cases under Section 107 of the Criminal Procedure Code binding over 32, 275 people to ensure that none takes part in any violations of the Model Code of Conduct nor engages in an offence under the Representation of People’s Act.

Further, the police also filed 164 cases related to violations of the Model Code of Conduct arresting 471 people from around the district.

Mr. Senthil Kumar told The Hindu that police further intensified searches in and around municipalities to ensure free and fair elections.