Authorities dither from visiting interior places owing to it being ‘unmotorable’

One of the major reasons for agency and remote areas in Adilabad district to remain backward for so long is the extremely bad condition of roads here. Government functionaries, even from Integrated Tribal Development Agency (ITDA), Utnoor, dither from visiting interior places owing to the roads being unmotorable.

The Utnoor-Asifabad road, the longest and oldest of the tar roads in the agency presents a pathetic picture at several places along its 62 km of single-lane stretch. Water accumulating on the road at many spots has formed large pools making life difficult for road users.

A 7-km stretch of single lane on the Utnoor-Indhanpalli road is in very bad shape owing to tardy maintenance. The ever increasing traffic of heavy vehicles on this road throws up problems constantly.

Traffic jams on this road occur quite frequently as lorries with huge loads fail to negotiate the steep incline of the narrow ghat road. Heavy vehicles also frequently get stuck in the slush being formed on either side of the single lane stretch, especially in the monsoon.

Time to cover distances

The road between Sirpur (T) and Bejjur via Koutala mandal head quarter village also needs urgent relaying. It takes triple the time to cover distances on this pothole-riddled road.

Adilabad R&B Superintending Engineer Hamsha Reddy, however, said that repairs and renewal work for the roads has been sanctioned under various projects. “Maintenance on the Utnoor-Asifabad road will be carried out under the Long Term Performance Based Contract which will cost about Rs.42 crore,” he reveals.

“Government sanction for the widening of the single lane stretch on the Utnoor-Indhanpalli road and Sirpur (T) Koutala road is awaited, he adds. The department nevertheless is worried over the delay in construction of the four high-level bridges on the Lokari-Kerameri road. The opening of this road will ease travel in the agency area by reducing distance and time.

R&B Executive Engineer Rahman says the construction of two bridges has been completed. “The contractor has sought some more time to complete the work,” he clarifies.