Acting Chief Justice of High Court, Justice N.V. Ramana, said the basic function of the judiciary is to uphold the rule of law and help strengthen the fundamentals of democracy.

He addressed a gathering of advocates after laying foundation stone along with his colleague Justice C.V. Nagarjuna Reddy for court complex costing Rs. 8.5 crores here on Friday.

He said many top functionaries of the government held the impression that the judiciary faulted every decision of the executive. In fact, it was enshrined in the Constitution that Judiciary, Executive and Legislature function as three independent organs. The unrest in the society would go only when the judiciary delivers the goods, he said and called upon the legal fraternity to provide leadership to the vulnerable sections in society and guard their rights.

He called for enhancement of professional skills among advocates at lower courts saying the foundation for a case was laid by them. The Apex courts could not repair the cases once damaged at primary level.

Mr. Ramana underscored the need for speedy justice at all levels and said all lower courts were adequately staffed while 20 vacancies existed at the High Court.