Several advocates of the AP High Court who wanted to form a human chain outside the court premises in support of a unified State were arrested by the police on Friday while others were beaten up by advocates from trial courts in spite of heavy police presence.

An elderly advocate was beaten severely and hot sambar was poured on him when he was having lunch in the canteen.

Those arrested included former advocate general C. V. Mohan Reddy, who is convenor of the Joint Action committee (JAC) of Seemandhra Advocates. The JAC announced that advocates would form a human chain along the road outside the High Court during lunch hour.

Advocates demanding bifurcation of the State had conducted a rally near the High Court on Thursday condemning the decision of the police in granting permission to the APNGOs Association. Even as advocates who wanted to form a human chain were gathering near the Bar Council building, nearly 50 advocates from various courts from the city came into court corridors shouting slogans and picked up arguments.

Meanwhile, police declared the human chain illegal and arrested the advocates.

Those who were left in the court compound were attacked even as the police watched.