Normality returned to the riot-torn town with no fresh incidents reported from anywhere. Curfew was relaxed for two hours on Wednesday, in two spells, to allow people to buy essentials and attend to emergency needs.

However, the officials are planning to extend the curfew by two more days till Friday when members of a community gather for weekly prayers which will also coincide with the Ganesh immersion celebrations in Kurnool. Some of the police forces are likely to be partly withdrawn and shifted to Kurnool where processions will be taken out on Friday.

Meanwhile, the residents of the town who have never been used to this kind of hardship were dejected by their plight.

Confining oneself to indoors in a small place like Adoni where community life is active is a nightmarish experience for many.

Rain lashed the town for 15 minutes during the curfew relaxation time in the evening.

Traders and hawkers exploited the consumers thoroughly taking advantage of the situation. Tomatoes were sold at Rs. 50 a kg, onion Rs. 80, brinjal Rs. 40 and milk somewhere between Rs 30 to 40 per half litre packet. Grocery items were also sold at high prices.

Fruit vendors were missing from the market as they could not procure fresh stocks. Heavy crowds were witnessed at milk booths, medical shops and grocery stores.

Collector Ramsankar Naik asked the officials to ensure there was no shortage of essential items like milk, vegetables and essential medicines.

Police began examining the video footage to identify the persons responsible for fomenting trouble. The next round of arrests are likely to take place after the situation was brought under control.