Despite the spells of heavy rainfall and hailstorm which occurred in February and early March this year, there are enough indications that the yield of indigenous variety of mangoes in Adilabad will be bumper this season. The local variety, simply known as desi aam or mamidi, is also entirely consumed locally as it is the preferred variety for making pickles.

The desi variety mango trees are found by the side of the Gudihatnoor-Utnoor road and near Wankidi in Neredigonda mandal by the side of the road leading to Nirmal town and near Khanapur mandal headquarter village. These trees can be seen laden with unripe fruit which is pluck in April-end and May.

The mangoes from Khanapur are more popular among the lot though all the indigenous fruits across these places seem to be of the same variety. The fibre content in the Khanapur variety is the lowest while sourness is of highest proportion.

The mangoes of Adilabad, most of the yield is sold in unripe condition, are also comparatively cheaper at an average price of Rs. 5 apiece. The price could go up by a couple of rupees as the season progresses.

While people in rural areas find the mangoes literally at their doorsteps, Adilabad and Nirmal towns are the only ones among urban centres where the local variety mangoes are sold. Adilabad also has a market for indigenous variety of the fruit from villages on the border.