Rs. 10 lakh sanctioned to convert the palace into heritage home. The summer palace is attached to the main fort in the town, which is in the shape of mango.

Efforts are under way to convert the summer palace at Baganapalli into a heritage home by the Tourism Department. An amount of Rs.10 lakh was sanctioned for the renovations and creating guest comforts. However, in the absence of consent from the owner of the structure, inheritors of Nawab of Banganapalli, the project is being delayed.

The summer palace is a magnificent building constructed by Mir Fazal Ali Khan about a century ago to stay put and entertain British guests or use as summer resort by the royal family.

The inheritors of Royal family who are claiming right over the building have refused to let it out to the Tourism Department which offered to share in the revenue.

The summer palace is attached to the main fort in the town, which is in the shape of mango. The origin of Banganapalli mango is traced to the town which was popularised by the nawab family.

The fort was occupied by Siddhi Sambhul Khan in 17th century after the fall of Vijayanagara empire. Sambhul Khan was directed by Bijapur Sultan to lay siege to the fort and evict the former tributaries of Vijayanagara Empire. He successfully invaded the fort and established the new order.

The fort remained under the control of Nawab family even during the British time due to the arrangement. The principality was merged with India on February 18, 1948 through Instrument of Accession which was followed by occupation of the fort by the then district Collector Bangara two days later.

Banaganapalli was prominent during the medieval times and in the Vijayanagara rule and other dynasties. According to history, Nanda dynasty which ruled the area constructed magnificent temple devoted to Goddess Choudeswari. A number of Shiva temples existed in and around Banganapalli. Umamaheswara temple at Yaganti, caves of Pothuluri Veerabrahmam at Ravvalakonda and Trilingeswara temples are important from the point of tourists.


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