The Aam Admi Party has condemned the failure of the Election Commiss-ion in curbing the distribution of inducements to voters by major political parties, undermining the democratic spirit.

It also demanded an inquiry into ‘paid news’ pacts between the political parties and media managements and lack of coverage for AAP election campaign in the media.

AAP Telangana convenor and Chevella Lok Sabha candidate R. Venkat Reddy on Friday said the public was openly discussing the distribution of wrist watches, saris, clandestine supply of liquor and other inducements.

Instead of debating the problems and issues of people and the country, people’s attention was diverted to cash and gifts being distributed through brokers at resorts and other places, he said.

Wondering why lower level employees were not taking this open luring of voters to the notice of their higher-ups, Mr. Reddy said it only expos-ed the inefficiency of government machinery to strictly implement the model code.

Mr.Reddy said the media was also discriminatory in their coverage to political parties which were sincerely meeting the voters and seeking their support. Reports related to AAP were either not carried by media as they restricted themselves to parties/candidates who paid the organisations, he alleged. This would hamper the struggle of all those who wanted to build a new Telangana.