The 500-km-long human chain christened Samaikyandhra Ananta Maha Manava Haram, organised by the ADJAC in Anantapur district proved to be a stupendous success.

Claiming that the Manava Haram organised by the Anantapur District Joint Action Committee (ADJAC) was a huge success with an estimated over seven lakh people participating from around the district, the ADJAC steering committee chairman and District Revenue Officer (DRO) Hema Sagar said that the surprising factor in the event was the unexpectedly large participation of the farming community across all mandals in the district.

“In fact, the participation of people in those mandals which did not figure in the larger organising plan for the event, made it a success,” Mr. Hema Sagar said.

However, he urged the people of the State and the country not to construe this as just a demand for a united Andhra Pradesh but as a measure of the wishes of the people of the country against the division of the country into more States on a purely irrational basis.

“The need of the hour is to safeguard the integrity of the country and not give into demands for the creation of newer States for reasons of political expediency, lest there be demands for severing of the country itself to form a new country,” Mr. Hema Sagar argued.

He appealed to the Union government to understand the anguish it had caused among people by its decision to divide the State.

The Manava Haram programme, which is the brainchild of the DPRO P. Thimmappa, proved to be very effective with most of the left end of the NH-44 occupied from its start in the district to almost the very end with people joining hands and raising slogans in support of Samaikyandhra.

On the other hand, most State highways and other National Highways in the district witnessed similar scenes, albeit to a lesser extent, while the main roads in almost all mandal headquarters witnessed the formation of similar human chains.

Meanwhile, the bandh called for by various Samaikyandhra JACs also was a success till later in the afternoon as even autos failed to ply in Anantapur town and other major mandal headquarters in the district.