Move to create new irrigation potential of 50.77 lakh acres during the next four years, says Anam

The Government has prioritised 50 ongoing major and medium irrigation projects for early completion and it is proposed to create new irrigation potential of 50.77 lakh acres during the next four years, Finance Minister Anam Ramanarayana Reddy said here on Monday. While presenting the Vote-on-Account budget for 2014-15 in the Assembly, he said that another 15.48 lakh acres would be stabilised during the same period. From 2004-05 to 2013-14, the irrigation potential created under major and medium irrigation projects was 19.40 lakh acres of new ayacut and stabilisation of 3.96 lakh acres.

He said Jalayagnam programme was being implemented to create new irrigation potential of 97.07 lakh acres besides stabilisation of 22.45 lakh acres and for providing drinking water to 2.54 crore people in 6,553 villages. Till now 17 projects were completed and water released in 24 projects creating partial irrigation potential. The remaining projects were in different stages of progress.

The State was progressing rapidly and becoming a viable destination for national and multinational companies and recently attracted major investments worth Rs.15,000 crore. During 2013-14 till September last, 4,339 Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) have been established with an investment of Rs 7,025 crore, providing employment to 59,864 persons. Besides, 75 large scale industries with an investment of Rs.8,273 crore have commenced production in 2012-13, providing jobs to 25,600 persons.

Mr. Ramanarayana Reddy said AP achieved an IT exports turnover of Rs.51,285 crore in 2012-13 and was providing employment to 3.27 lakh persons in the sector. Referring to Information Technology Investment Region (ITIR) project, he said it was expected to generate direct revenue worth Rs.3.11 lakh crore with an investment potential of Rs.2.19 lakh crore and IT export worth Rs.2.35 lakh crore. It would create direct employment for 15 lakh persons and indirect jobs for 53 lakh people.

Giving an overview of various welfare and developmental schemes undertaken by the government, he said the National Urban Health Mission would be launched soon to strengthen health facilities in the urban areas.