After withdrawal of nominations by Wednesday evening, 14 candidates were in the fray from the Rajahmundry Parliamentary Constituency. Returning Officer G. Chandrudu has allotted symbols to the Independents in the political parties meeting organised at the Sub-Collector’s office immediately after the withdrawals.

List of contestants and their symbols: Kandula Lakshmi Durgesh Prasad (Congress- Hand), Marri Babji (BSP- Elephant), Maganti Murali Mohan (TDP-Cycle), Kollabathula Richmand Cary (Garib Admi Party-Window), Bodu Venkataramana Chowdary (YSRC-Fan), Mullapudi Suryanarayana (JSP-Chappals), Meda Srinivas (RPCP-Gas cylinder), Sangisetti Srinivasa Rao (Secular Pyramid Party of India-Television), Annamdevula Dharma Rao (Independent-Almarah), Chikkala Venkateswara Rao (Ind-Auto), Palla Venkatanaidu (Ind-Scissors), Polu Pedavengala Reddy (Ind-Ladies Purse), Mutyalka Rambabu (Ind-Gas stove) and Illa Govindarajan, (Ind-Pot).