The former Union Carbide chief, Warren Anderson, did not meet the then President, Giani Zail Singh, before he left for the U.S. after securing bail in the case of Bhopal gas disaster that claimed over 15,000 lives, the Rashtrapati Bhavan said.

This was stated in its reply to RTI applicant Abhishek Shukla.

On December 6, Zail Singh had 11 appointments, which included one with a delegation of the government of Japan's economic division comprising 60 people. The next day, when Mr. Anderson came to Delhi from Bhopal on his way back to the U.S., Zail Singh had nine appointments, which did not include a meeting with him.

On December 8, a Saturday, there was no appointment lined up for the President.

According to reports, Anderson allegedly met Zail Singh before leaving the country. A close aide of the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, Arun Nehru, also indicated as much in his interviews.

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