Far from doing anything to help the common man, the United Progressive Alliance was committing “economic barbarity” on him, the Bharatiya Janata Party said on Friday.

Commenting on the petrol price hike, party spokesperson Shahnawaz Husain said everything was being decided by the so-called “international market,” instead of the government formulating appropriate pricing policy taking into consideration the domestic situation.

Mr. Husain said the UPA allies should put pressure on the government and not allow it to increase the prices of essential products at a time when inflation was running high.

Mr. Husain also cautioned the government against raising the price of cooking gas cylinders.

“Rein in inflation”

Demanding a rollback of the petrol price hike, the BJP said firm and effective steps were needed to control inflation that was eating into the benefits, if any, from the increase in the gross domestic product.

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