The Communist Party of India (Marxist) has condemned the military action launched by the NATO forces against Libya following the sanction by the U.N. of all measures. It was a dangerous act of aggression, the party said and demanded that it be halted till the Security Council reviewed its resolution 1973 authorising “all necessary measures” to protect civilians, including a no-fly zone.

In a statement, the Polit Bureau said the campaign was a repeat of what had happened in Iraq that led to the deaths of millions of people and large-scale destruction. Already 48 people were reported dead in the attacks on the first day of the campaign. “Despite the rhetoric about protecting the Libyan people, this act of aggression is a gross violation of Libya's sovereignty and a calculated intervention in an internal conflict to bring about a regime change.”

The party said the hypocrisy of the western powers could be seen in their connivance at Saudi Arabia's military intervention in Bahrain to crush the popular and peaceful revolt. “The West has no compunction in resorting to force to secure its interests in the oil-rich Libya and the Middle East.”

It said the NATO forces utilised the Security Council resolution for this attack, and the five members of the Security Council, including India, who abstained from the vote on the resolution, should immediately demand a review of it.

The CPI(M) urged all democratic and progressive forces in India to strongly protest yet another military aggression by America and its allies against an Arab-African country.

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