Social activist Swami Agnivesh has accused the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi of “posturing” to gain electoral acceptance. In an open letter to Mr. Modi, Swami Agnivesh criticised him for the “deafening silence” on Baba Ramdev’s “degrading statement” on Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi’s visits to Dalit homes. Swami Agnivesh said: “From this, one can infer that your media image is different from your true self and that whatever is being splashed in public is sheer posturing to only gain electoral acceptance.”

He had earlier written an open letter to Mr. Modi, appreciating his disapproval of “unsavoury” remarks by Pravin Togadia, Giriraj Singh and Shiv Sena leader Ram Das Kadam.

“I would urge you to publicly condemn persons such as Mr. Togadia who are a threat to ‘sanatan dharma’ and its values of truth, compassion, and justice,” he said.


Agnivesh does a volte-faceApril 25, 2014