The Delhi Jal Board has dispelled concerns at the reports on the presence of drug-resistant bacteria in the capital's tap water and has said the water it supplies is “safe.”

“We want to assure [the residents] that Delhi water is safe for drinking,” Board CEO Ramesh Negi said here on Friday.

The water supplied by the agency conformed to the standards prescribed by the Bureau of Indian Standards.

The Lancet Infectious Diseases, an international medical journal, reported that the deadly superbug NDM-1-producing bacteria were found in 51 of the 171 samples taken from water pools and two of the 50 tap water samples in the city.

Both the NDM-1-positive samples were taken from Ramesh Nagar, west of the Yamuna, “but the report itself states that the strain cannot grow in tap water as it is chlorinated,” Mr. Negi said.