L K Advani will play a role well beyond the specially-created position of Chairman of BJP Parliamentary party, according to the new party President Nitin Gadkari who made it clear that the 82-year-old veteran will be a “permanent guide and philosopher” for the whole party.

“Atal Bihari Vajpayee and L K Advani are our role models and source of inspiration.....Advaniji will be permanent guide and philosopher for the whole party,” Mr. Gadkari said in an interview.

He was responding when asked whether Mr. Advani’s role would be limited to BJP’s Parliamentary affairs after his appointment to the newly-created post of Chairman of Parliamentary Party.

Mr. Advani quit the post of Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha on December 18 in the face of attacks from within following the party’s dismal performance in the general elections. He was made the Chairman of Parliamentary Party, a move that gave an impression that his role would be confined to Parliamentary affairs of the party.

52-year-old Mr. Gadkari, who is a new-comer at the national scene, does not see it as a disadvantage but feels it is an “asset” as he would not be “biased“.

Mr. Gadkari, whose appointment on December 18 came at a time when the party is going through a bad phase, said some corrective measures were needed and he would bring out a blueprint in this regard within three months.