Senior BJP leader L.K. Advani on Tuesday said that the he has great hope that the Supreme Court would act on the issue of black money stashed in foreign banks.

“Eminent people like Ram Jethmalani, Subash Kashyap and K.P.S. Gill have approached the court on the issue. I have a great hope in the Supreme Court,” Mr. Advani said.

“An international organisation has said that more than Rs. 20 lakh crore of Indian money is stashed is foreign banks. If it is brought back, it will satisfy infrastructure needs of the country,” Mr. Advani said here on the sidelines of a municipal corporation function.

In his recent blog post Mr. Advani had also written, “By pursuing the matter, the Supreme Court will earn the lasting gratitude of the Indian people by forcing Government to bring back all this wealth.”

Mr. Advani also lashed out at the Congress-led UPA government on the issue of price rise.

“The Central government has totally failed to control inflation. Huge increase in prices of essential commodities has made life of common people very difficulty and has also made the nation suffer”, Mr. Advani said.

In a reply to a question on reported cabinet expansion plans of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, the veteran BJP leader said, “When this government is already involved in numerous scams, reshuffling of cabinet will not help. From what I have heard, there is lot of tug of war going on after the reports of reshuffling came”.