BJP leader L.K. Advani on Saturday questioned the silence of Congress president Sonia Gandhi on black money, corruption and inflation, and asked her to speak on these issues.

“Why is the Congress president totally silent on the issues of black money, corruption and inflation? On these three issues all the while other Congress spokesmen are speaking or the Prime Minister is speaking occasionally, but not the Congress president. She has never spoken,” Mr. Advani told reporters in Mumbai on Saturday.

Mr. Advani said he would “like Sonia Gandhi herself to speak and voice her opinion on these issues.”

He said the Congress president is more powerful than the Prime Minister in the present set-up as in the case of Communist system of governance where the party chief is more important that the head of the government.

“Under the present dispensation, ever since Manmohan Singh has become the Prime Minister, the system in India approximates to the Communist system rather than democratic system, where it is the party chief who is more important,” he said. Mr. Advani wondered how 10, Janpath had overpowered Race Course Road.

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