High drama marked the proceedings of the 2G spectrum case on Thursday when witness Aseervatham Achary, A. Raja's former additional private secretary, suddenly sprung out of his seat in the middle of his cross-examination and pointing towards the exit gate accused a man who had just exited the court room of threatening him and his family.

Mr. Achary said a man claiming to be his relative had visited his house sometime in August, but was stopped by his personal security guard. The man then asked for water and made a quick exit before the guard could return. Mr. Achary's guard had identified the man in court on Thursday morning.

Following Mr. Achary's sudden outburst, the police sprung into action and caught the “man in the green sweater who had been sitting along with R.K. Chandolia since morning.”

The man, identified as Jai Prakash, denied he had ever been to Mr. Achary's Safdarjung residence and said he had come to serve water to his employers, Reliance ADAG officials, Gautam Doshi and Surendra Pipara, who are co-accused in the case.

However, by evening, it transpired that the incident was a case of mistaken identity and that the man was indeed an employee of the Reliance ADAG officials.

Mr. Jai Prakash later told the police that he was sent to the court to reserve seats for his employers as the court room was usually very crowded.

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