The closure report filed by the Central Bureau of Investigation in the Aarushi-Hemraj murder case, citing insufficient evidence, concedes that there are many crucial gaps that make it difficult to reconstruct the sequence of events and establish the motive behind the brutal murders.

According to the report, the probe findings revealed several circumstances that indicated the involvement of Aarushi's parents in the crime and the “cover up.”

The report alleges that the scene of crime was “heavily dressed up.” Citing examples, it purportedly states that Aarushi's body was covered with a white bed-sheet; the bed linen was found undisturbed; Hemraj's body was dragged to a corner of the terrace and covered with a cooler panel; the door to the terrace was locked for the first time on the fateful night; efforts were made to wipe off bloodstains/drag marks from the staircase. It also mentions that a scotch bottle found on the dining table had blood of both the victims, indicating the involvement of the inmates, as it was unlikely that an intruder would return to the flat to take liquor after committing two murders.

Also, the report alleges that surgical cuts on the victims' necks were the work of professionally trained experts.

The entire data on Aarushi's mobile phone had been deleted. It also points out that when the Noida police went to the crime scene on May 16, 2008, they were immediately sent by the parents to search for Hemraj.

According to the report, the golf club suspected to have been used to commit the murders was earlier found missing. It was detected by Aarushi's parents later, but not intimated to anyone for almost a year.

However, the CBI has not come across any substantial evidence to charge-sheet anyone in the case.

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