A day after the former BJP president Nitin Gadkari offered to quit politics if the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) proved a single corruption allegation against him, the latter claimed that they had documentary evidence and sent it to Mr. Gadkari’s house in Nagpur on Saturday.

The AAP workers alleged that the documents which they sent to Mr. Gadkari's house, proved that he and his firm the Purti limited had duped a farmer from Padegaon village in Vidarbha.

Mr. Gadkari was not at his home when the documents were delivered.

The AAP Maharashtra Convener and the party candidate from Nagpur, Mrs. Anjali Damania later on addressed a press conference in the day and asked Mr. Gadkari to keep his promise and quit politics.

However, the BJP denied the allegations leveled by the AAP.

“If Mrs. Damania really has proofs against Gadkari, then she should go to the court. They (AAP) are creating a scene here just to incite our workers on the eve of elections” the BJP Media Cell co- convener Mr. Chandan Goswami told The Hindu.