Vardhan sees hypocrisy, duplicity in its approach to politics

Soon after Aam Aadmi Party convenor Arvind Kejriwal announced on Monday that he will form a minority government with outside support of the Congress, the Delhi unit of the Bharatiya Janata Party accused the rookie party of “betraying the people of Delhi.”

The leader of the BJP legislature party, Harsh Vardhan, said by aligning with the Congress, the AAP has proved that they were hungry for power.

“The AAP fought the election on the anti-corruption plank and now they have taken support from a party that has been completely rejected by the people of Delhi. This proves that AAP is hungry for power,” he said.

Further, in a statement, Dr. Vardhan said the news of AAP forming the government is “no news at all” since it is “only to be expected given the transparent hypocrisy and duplicity at the heart of AAP’s approach to politics.”

Referendum a sham

He criticised the “referendum” held by the new entrant calling it a “sham” and said: “Everybody knows that the SMS texts and emails that were sent urging AAP to agree to a power-sharing arrangement were sent from Congress headquarters.”

He added that if Mr. Kejriwal really wanted to hear the people’s voice, the only credible and convincing process was an election.

The party’s position appeared to be in contradiction to its stance earlier in December when it attacked the AAP for shying away from forming the government when Congress had offered it support.

Dr. Vardhan said on Monday that despite the Congress leaders making it clear that their party’s support is “not unconditional,” the AAP had agreed to the changed position showing how desperate its leaders are for power.

“Congress with just 8 MLAs will be the ‘tail that wags the dog’,” he said.

He described the AAP-Congress post-poll arrangement as an “oxymoron”. “Like ‘liberal Taliban’ or ‘happy obsession’, an AAP-Congress government is a contradiction in itself. How can a party which professed to cleanse Indian politics form an alliance with the most corrupt political party in the world?”

He added that it will not be long before a mid-term election is thrust on the people of Delhi.

Meanwhile, Delhi BJP chief Vijay Goel said it is not just about forming the government but “running the government.”

‘Will raise public issues’

“We will be vocal with the issues pertaining public welfare,” he said.

The party will provide its constructive support and play the role of a healthy opposition party, he added.

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