A thanksgiving visit to Karachi by the wives of two Indian sailors, released from the clutches of Somali pirates with Pakistani help, became a platform for showcasing the latent potential in coordinated action between the two countries.

Though filled with poignant moments as one of the women broke down while thanking Pakistan for bringing her husband, M. V. Sharma, back to her, the function at the Sindh Governor’s residence on Saturday provided an opportunity to reflect on how Partition affected ordinary lives.

“Separation is a terrible thing. Our ancestors lost their sleep when we were separated by breaking into two countries. And we, the people on either side, have inherited that sleeplessness from them,” said Sampa Arya, wife of another sailor, Ravendra Gulia.

The sailors were on m v Suez that was taken over by pirates in 2010. After 10 months in captivity, they were released along with several Pakistanis on the merchant vessel on payment of ransom in June 2011 and brought to Karachi from where they flew back home.

According to a report in Dawn, the two women presented the Governor and human rights activist Ansar Burney a gold-plated portrait of Radha and Krishna; stating that India was like Radha and Pakistan like Krishna.

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