Party, people stood by us, had faith in court: Rabri Devi

: The granting of bail to Rashtriya Janata Dal chief Lalu Prasad by the Supreme Court came as a shot in the arm for the party’s morale. Amid cheer and celebration by supporters, former Chief Minister and his wife Rabri Devi welcomed the court’s decision and affirmed her party’s unity.

“The party did not weaken. The people of Bihar stood by us. We will fight the Lok Sabha polls with increased confidence. We were sad earlier that while others were given bail, his plea was rejected, but we had full faith in the court,” Ms. Devi, who held the party’s reigns since Mr. Prasad’s conviction, told reporters at her residence.

When it was pointed out that Mr. Prasad’s conviction still remained, she said, “That [setting aside of conviction] will also happen. We have faith in the judiciary.”

Hitting out at political rivals, she said they were spreading several misconceptions about defections. “Our MLAs are together. We had a meeting yesterday [Thursday] and everyone was present. There is no rift in the party.”

She dismissed the Janata Dal (United), saying the RJD’s main contender was the BJP.

Asked if the party would still prefer an alliance with the Congress in the light of the results of the recent State polls, Ms. Devi said, “Our stand has always been the same. We want all parties with a secular and social justice outlook to come on a common platform.”

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