The first day of the 2G spectrum allocation case trial saw frequent interruptions, with lawyers complaining that they could not hear the questions put to the witnesses or the answers given.

Though seven air-conditioners were installed in the courtroom that approximately measures 50 feet by 25 feet, the presence of a large number of people rendered them ineffective. Profusely sweating lawyers, accused, family members and journalists pushed and prodded to make space to stand.

A couple of noisy wall-mounted fans that offered some respite from the stifling atmosphere were even switched off, to help listen better, raising questions of the courtroom being able to function on days when crucial witnesses in the case deposed.

Special Judge O. P. Saini confessed that he had tried several times to get the Patiala House court complex administration to allocate a bigger courtroom or provide better facilities within the courtroom, to help him preside smoothly over what is one of the most important trials the country has witnessed, but to no avail.

Veteran lawyers, including Majid Memon, H. H. Ponda, and Ramesh Gupta protested several times that they could not hear the proceedings. Mr. Memon said: “If we are to be accommodated in this courtroom, it will be a mockery of justice.”

When Mr. Gupta stated that the courtroom was “not suitable for such a large trial,” Special Public Prosecutor U. U. Lalit suggested that only the relevant accused and his/her counsel should come forward, which was rejected by other lawyers.

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