Three families that had donated the organs of their brain dead kin were honoured in Chennai today by the Multi Organ Harvesting Aid Network (MOHAN) at Loyola College here.

The relatives of the deceased donors 29-year old Venkatesh, 42-year old Sumathi and Asha Devi, 52, stood under the shade of trees that had been planted in their memory a decade ago on the college campus, and recalled their life-giving contribution that enabled several people live. Although they had passed away, they had passed on life to others.

Dr. Sunil Shroff, managing trustee of MOHAN Foundation spoke on the occasion, thanking the families for the noble gesture of donating the organs of their near and dear ones, when they were informed that they were brain dead. Dr Sumana Navin, member, Advisory Board, MOHAN Foundation, highlighted the selfless motive that drives people to donate the organs of their brain dead relatives.

The decision to donate had made available not just kidneys, but eyes, liver and heart. All three donors had suffered injuries in road traffic accidents that left them brain dead. At today's ceremony held just as the morning sun was warming up outside the Loyola College church in Nungambakkam, Mrs. Sumathi was represented by her husband, Mr. Rajendran and their twin sons. Mr. Chandrasekharan from Porur, was there to remember the donation of Ms. Asha Devi, his wife, while Mr. Venkatesh was represented by his cousin Mr. Anand. They were presented a memorial plaque by the Foundation.

Transplant co-ordinators who had been trained by MOHAN Foundation to counsel the relatives of brain dead patients in various hospitals spoke on the occasion. Dr. J. Amalorpavanathan, the Co-ordinator for the State of Tamil Nadu, thanked the families for making an altruistic decision at a difficult time. Transplant coordinator Veena read out a poem on organ donation.


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