Residents of Mehuwala, Telpura, Jantanwala and Salawala have been confining themselves indoors after dusk fearing an attack by a leopard that has been on the prowl for over a fortnight now.

The leopard killed a cow in Harbanswala and is said to have devoured many dogs in these villages. ‘ Many of our dogs have gone missing and people have seen the leopard eating them in the bushes’, said Virendra Nautiyal.

Seema of Jantanwala wondered why the authorities could not come out with a real-time action plan to ensure that the leopards got sufficient prey within the forests. ‘ It’s true that there have been massive encroachments in the forests but it is the foresters who are supposed to check the menace rather than make villagers pay for the folly of others’, she said.

It may be mentioned that leopards have become quite a menace in areas around Doon city over the past few years. ‘ Perhaps the Government would initiate steps to protect the people from leopards before it is too late’, said Ranjit Singh a wildlife lover.

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