Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on Tuesday began his second five-year term as Indonesia’s first directly elected President. Tight security marked the inauguration at the People’s Consultative Assembly in Jakarta, where terrorists struck shortly after exit polls indicated a landslide victory for him in the recent presidential election.

In a speech marking the commencement of his second term, Mr. Yudhoyono said: “Indonesia will remain at the forefront of efforts to bring about a better world order. We will continue to strive for the Earth’s rescue from the threat of climate change and for the reform of the world economy.” He cited the Group of 20, of which Indonesia is a member, as the forum where he would strive for these and other goals for a better global order.

Pledging to promote inter-state cooperation or multilateralism through the United Nations, he emphasised the importance of reaching the Millennium Development Goals. He promised to work for “inter-civilisation harmony” as well. Indonesia has the world’s largest Muslim population among all nations.

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