A Tunisian member of Femen, the Ukrainian women’s rights group, was freed from jail on Thursday after spending more than two months behind bars, one of her lawyers said.

Bahri Souhaib told The Associated Press that Amina Sboui was provisionally freed. The 19-year-old is waiting to be tried on a single charge, profanation of a cemetery, after a charge of insulting a public servant was dropped on Monday.

Ms. Sboui was arrested May 19 for allegedly scrawling Femen on a cemetery wall in the city of Kairouan, protesting a planned conference of ultra-conservative Muslims.

The young woman’s parents, en route to fetch her when contacted, were overjoyed.

“I think it is the end of the ordeal for our daughter,” Mounir Sboui, her father, said by telephone.

Ms. Sboui shocked Tunisians in March by posting topless photos of herself online to denounce the mistreatment of women, using the semi-nude protest favoured by Femen. She was later arrested in May for scrawling the name of the group on the wall of the Kairouan cemetery.

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