Having gone through the harrowing experience of having their dear one being named in some media and online as a “person of interest” in connection with the Boston blast case, the parents of Sunil Tripathi took to social media to express their feelings.

Mr. Tripathi, a philosophy student at Brown University, has been missing since March 16. 

On Friday, the family posted this message on the Facebook page “Help us find Sunil Tripathi:

“A tremendous and painful amount of attention has been cast on our beloved Sunil Tripathi in the past twelve hours.

We have known unequivocally all along that neither individual suspected as responsible for the Boston Marathon bombings was Sunil.

We are grateful to all of you who have followed us on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit—supporting us over the recent hours.

Now more than ever our greatest strength comes from your enduring support. We thank all of you who have reached out to our family and ask that you continue to raise awareness and to help us find our gentle, loving, and thoughtful Sunil.”

A later post gave links to article on the online attempts to find the Boston bombers that resulted in Mr. Tripathi’s name being dragged in. “Hopefully we are all humbled to see how quickly messages can be distorted, amplified, and unleashed. please be careful. be gentle. take care of one another,” it said.

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