A Syrian woman was reported dead on Wednesday after Syrian helicopters attacked a Lebanese region known to be a stronghold of rebels fighting Syria’s government, according to a Lebanese security official and state media.

Nine others were reported injured in the attack.

The attack comes two days after the Lebanese Army fired upon jets from its eastern neighbour for a raid in the same part of eastern Lebanon.

The Syrian planes on Wednesday fired at least two rockets upon the border area of al-Zamarani, 15 km from Arsal, a Sunni Muslim Lebanese town that backs opposition rebels fighting to oust Syrian President Bashar Assad.

A hospital official in Arsal said a Syrian woman, who had been admitted with serious wounds due to the attack, died shortly after.

A Syrian strike near Arsal on Monday prompted the Lebanese Army to open anti-aircraft fire upon the Syrian gunships, the first time it has done so since the start of Syria’s conflict nearly three years ago.

Syria’s state-run media said that Monday’s raid was aimed at hunting rebels taking shelter in the Lebanese border area.

Arsal is home to 30,000 Syrian refugees. The town is on a key route used to supply food and weapons to rebels in Syria near the central province of Homs.

Syrian aircraft have targeted Arsal and its outskirts several times in recent months, killing and injuring a number of people.

In March, Lebanese President Michel Suleiman said Syrian airstrikes on Lebanese territories were “an unacceptable violation” of the country’s sovereignty.

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