Russia has caught an American spy from the U.S. embassy in Moscow, accusing Washington of engaging in Cold War-era activities.

Russia’s counter-espionage agency said in a statement Ryan Fogle, third secretary in the U.S. Embassy’s political section, was detained overnight as he tried to recruit a Russian special services official.

The U.S. diplomat was carrying “special technical equipment,” a large sum and several wigs as disguises and a letter which offered the would-be Russian recruit up to $1 million a year for cooperation.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said the incident could damage bilateral relations.

Provocative activities

“At a time when the Presidents of our countries have reaffirmed readiness to expand bilateral interaction, including between the special services in the fight against international terrorism, such provocative activities in the spirit of the Cold War do not help promote mutual trust,” said the Ministry.

Russia has declared the U.S. diplomat persona non-grata and ordered his expulsion.

The spy games between the two biggest nuclear powers have continued unabated after the Cold War. In 2010, ten Russian sleeper agents, including sex-symbol Anna Chapman, were arrested in the U.S. and then extradited to Russia, in exchange for some Russians convicted on spy charges.

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