Two people were killed and 16 others were wounded during clashes in Cairo between supporters and opponents of the ousted President.

The family of Egypt’s ousted President lashed out at the military on Monday, accusing the generals of kidnapping Mohamed Morsy, who has been detained incommunicado in an unknown location for nearly three weeks.

The statement by the family at a press conference underlined the unknown fate of Egypt’s first freely elected President. Mr. Morsy has not been seen and has had no known contact with lawyers, family or supporters since the military ousted him on July 3 after mass protests nationwide demanding his removal.

During that time, the Islamist leader has become a tool for both sides. The new military-backed government has used Morsi to put pressure on his Muslim Brotherhood, launching criminal investigations without actually bringing charges against him. Government officials have said only that he is safe, is well cared for and is being held for his own protection.

The Brotherhood, in turn, has sought to drum up sympathy by saying Mr. Morsy’s detention shows the military’s coup is taking the country into dictatorship, as it tries to expand street protests demanding he be reinstated as president.

European Union Foreign Ministers on Monday called for the release of Morsy and “all political detainees”, saying it was among their key priorities for Egypt’s new leadership. The United States has also urged Mr. Morsy’s release.

At Monday’s press conference, Mr. Morsy’s daughter Shaimaa read out a statement by the family, saying, “We hold the leaders of the bloody military coup fully responsible for the safety and security of the President.”

DPA adds:

Two killed, 16 wounded in clashes

Two people were killed and 16 others were wounded on Monday during clashes in Cairo between supporters and opponents of Mr. Morsy, state-run media reported.

The violence broke out when a group of pro-Morsy demonstrators approached Tahrir Square, where opponents of the toppled Islamist leader have been holding protests, the newspaper Al-Ahram reported online.

Police fired tear gas to disperse protesters who threw rocks.

An online video showed several gunmen opening fire on protesters in Tahrir Square.

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