A man in the U.S. who unwittingly shared a police department’s mug shot of him on Facebook was nabbed less than an hour later.

Anthony James Lescowitch Jr, on the ‘wanted’ list of the police, had been evading arrest in Pennsylvania since November last year.

The Freeland police department posted a photo of Lescowitch, 35, on its Facebook page last Monday, noting that he was wanted for aggravated assault and numerous other charges. The post stated that anyone who knew Lescowitch’s whereabouts call the police or 911.

The police said they noticed that Lescowitch shared their post about him minutes after they posted it on their page.He also mocked them, Timesleader.com reported.

An undercover officer created a fictitious profile of an attractive woman to chat with Lescowitch and gather information about him. He persuaded Lescowitch to meet him for a cigarette. The police then nabbed him.

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