North and South Korea have agreed to reopen a jointly operated industrial park that was closed in April, Seoul said on Wednesday.

The five-point deal followed a day of talks in Kaesong, North Korea, the location of the industrial park.

“The agreement was signed by Kim Ki Woong, Seoul’s chief delegate and his North Korean counterpart, Park Chol Su”, South Korea’s Yonhap news agency quoted an official from the Unification Ministry in Seoul as saying.

No further details of the deal were given, Yonhap reported.

Operations were halted at the Kaesong complex when first Pyongyang and then Seoul pulled their workers and managers out of factories there as tensions rose between the two countries.

Each side blamed the other for the suspension of operations.

The complex about 10 kilometres north of the border provides jobs and foreign exchange to the North, and cheap labour to southern industries.

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