The two princes indulged in some good-natured rivalry at a hard-fought Christmas football match

Prince William and his younger brother Prince Harry indulged in some good-natured rivalry, playing a hard-fought Christmas football match on the Sandringham estate which ended in a 2-2 draw.

Prince Harry showed a touch of sporting prowess with a goal in the 25th minute, with the Duke of Cambridge being heard to call for him to be booked for his “backchat.” The brothers are known for their friendly jibes at each other, with Prince William most recently teasing Prince Harry for his newly-grown beard.

The pair joined in the annual football match with friends and members of the staff from the Sandringham estate, during the Royal family’s traditional Christmas break in Norfolk, The Telegraph reported.

Both played a full 90 minutes, with William’s team wearing red and white hooped tops and Prince Harry’s team sporting whites. Prince William, 31, who did not score, played in midfield in a number 8 shirt, with a pair of England shorts and Aston Villa socks in recognition of his favourite team.

The two were seen to tackle one another several times during the rainy match, with the Duke of Cambridge overheard appealing to the referee to send his brother off for joking about a player messing up a corner. “Give him yellow, give him yellow — backchat,” William was quoted as saying.

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