A leading Indian businessman who is facing deportation from Thailand for participating in anti-government rallies defying the state of emergency, on Sunday said he would not leave the country despite action taken against him.

Satish Sehgal, former chairman of the India-Thai business forum, denied that he was taking refuge inside the Indian Embassy and said he was at home.

“Whatever the outcome of my case, I insist I will not leave Thailand because this is my dearest home,” he said to the newspaper, Nation.

Mr. Sehgal, who has been living in Thailand for over 50 years but still holds an Indian passport, claimed he was not a core leader of the anti-government protest and had carried out political activities to protect the country and its institutions.

At the same time, he announced that he would end his political activities with the anti-government Peoples Democratic Reforms Committee (PDRC), which has been holding protests across Bangkok for the past two months calling for Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra to step down.

“(To keep the situation from getting worse) I have to stop playing a role in all political movements,” Mr. Sehgal said. He has also turned to the National Human Rights Commission for help to fight the expulsion order.