Eleven people have been killed in a house-to-house raid by gunmen in Nigeria’s northern state of Adamawa, police said.

“We have information that 11 people lost their lives in Midlu village including two private security men” police spokesman Mohammed Ibrahim said on Saturday.

The security men were killed at the house of the Adamawa Deputy Governor Bala James Ngilari though he was not at the home at the time, Mr. Ibrahim said.

The attack took place on Saturday and witnesses said assailants called their victims by name before killing them by gun shots or slashing their throats.

An Islamic radical sect, Boko Haram has carried out similar attacks including suicide bombings in northern Nigeria.

The group says it wants to establish an Islamic Caliphate in the oil rich African country and has succeeded in killing thousands of people since 2009 when it commenced hostilities.


Boko Haram kills 44 people in NigeriaSeptember 1, 2013

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