Peshawar city police chief Liaquat Ali Khan told journalists that a woman was also involved in Friday's suicide attack, raising fears of a new trend of female suicide bombers in Pakistan.

In Islamabad, Gen. Kayani briefed Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani, several Cabinet ministers, and other political leaders including the Punjab Chief Minister Shabaz Sharif, leaders of Opposition parties and coalition partners.

The chief of Inter-Services Intelligence, Lt. Gen. Shuja Pasha, was also in the briefing that continued late into the evening at the Prime Minister's Office.

Reports said the Army chief's briefing would possibly cover a planned offensive against the Taliban. In a show of strength, Pakistan Army jets pounded South Waziristan yet again on Friday, but it is not clear when the actual operation, which is likely to involve ground troops, is to be launched

The wave of terror attacks in the country is being viewed by the security establishment as a move by the militants to divert the nation's energies away from the operation.

The attacks, especially those at Lahore on Thursday and before that at the Army headquarters in Rawalpindi, have also focused attention on the linkages between the Al-Qaeda, the Taliban and Punjab-based jihadist groups.

AP reports from Peshawar:

The bombings targeted a heavily fortified police station in Peshawar.

One attacker drove a car filled with explosives to the main gate of the station, as a motorcycle carrying a man and a woman pulled up behind it, said the Peshawar police chief.

The woman jumped off and ran toward a nearby housing complex where Army officers live, while the man smashed the motorcycle into the car, which exploded into a huge fireball, he said.

Police shot at the woman, who detonated explosives she was wearing.

The blast destroyed part of the police station and a mosque next to it.

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