The United States on Thursday said it is hopeful that a special UN Security Council meeting on nuclear non-proliferation convened by it later this month would provide the necessary impetus to achieve the nuclear disarmament goal of President Barack Obama.

The special session of the UN Security Council on September 24 would be chaired by Obama himself, in the capacity of the United States being the President of the Security Council for the month of September.

“Key areas to be highlighted will include arms control and nuclear disarmament, strengthening the NPT regime, and denying and disrupting trafficking in and the securing of nuclear materials,” US Ambassador to UN Susan Rice said at a news conference.

Rice said the special session will focus on nuclear nonproliferation and nuclear disarmament broadly, and not on any particular countries. Head of the States of many countries of this 15-membered body are expected to attend.

Observing that the US views nuclear non-proliferation and nuclear disarmament as one of the principal and most pressing challenges of the time, she said: “It’s an issue which the Obama administration - indeed, the President, himself - has focused on early and with a great degree of attention, both in the broadest sense, as described in his speech in Prague, and in specific cases, as we’ve dealt with here and elsewhere.”

This is an opportunity for the UNSC to give profile and impetus to efforts that are under way as they proceed to the NPT review conference next year, so that the international community is saying from the body responsible for peace and security that they are united in support of effective steps to ensure nuclear nonproliferation and that they are committed to appropriate progress on nuclear disarmament.

“So, we are pleased that this is an opportunity to build momentum behind what is a very important priority not only for the United States, but indeed for all members of the United Nations,” Rice said.

When specifically asked what would be the outcome of the meeting, Rice said: “We are still in the process of consulting with colleagues on the Council on whether there will be a product and the nature of that product. I think that our view - and I think it’s a view shared by many - is that this is an event and an occasion and a topic that’s worthy of a substantive output.”

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