United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that the American people stood in solidarity with the people of India and honoured those who lost their lives in the Mumbai terror attacks exactly two years ago.

In a statement marking the second anniversary of the attack, in which ten militants went on a commando-style killing spree that claimed over 160 lives, Ms. Clinton said, “As the people of the U.S. gather with family to celebrate Thanksgiving, we pause to remember the horrific attack on innocent men, women, and children that occurred in Mumbai two years ago.”

Reflecting on President Barack Obama’s visit to India earlier this month she said that it underscored the two nations’ shared belief in liberty, democracy, and mutual respect for all people.

Ms. Clinton added that as the people of Mumbai gathered in temples, mosques, churches, gurdwaras, and synagogues to honour those who perished on November 26, 2008, “They send a message of resolve, resilience, and mutual respect that is far louder and more powerful than any terrorist's guns and bombs.”

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