Adopting a softer tack following the condemnatory resolution against Sri Lanka passed at the United Nations Human Rights Council on Thursday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the U.S. looked to the government of Sri Lanka to “implement the constructive recommendations of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission and take the necessary measures to address accountability”.

Arguing that the next steps for Sri Lanka were clear, Ms. Clinton said the U.S., along with the international community, had “sent a strong signal that Sri Lanka will only achieve lasting peace through real reconciliation and accountability”.

Ms. Clinton's comments were echoed by other top administration officials, including U.S. Permanent Representative to the U.N. Susan Rice and National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor.

Urging a quick response, Ms. Rice said that while the LLRC recommendations acknowledged the need to address “key issues of accountability”, they also called upon the Sri Lankan government to present a plan to implement the recommendations and address alleged violations of international law. “The time for concrete action is now,” she added.

Mr. Vietor, a representative of the White House, underscored the importance of action by Sri Lanka's government for the well-being of that country's citizens.

He said, “The resolution, which received broad support from around the world, calls for a range of critical steps that would go a long away to advancing the rights and dignity of the Sri Lankan people.”

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