The former Prime Minister, Pushpa Kamal Dahal “Prachanda”, who is also the chairman of the major opposition party, these days, makes open claims of launching a serious revolt in a few weeks’ time. On Saturday, he said the revolt would also be supported by the United Nations.

Highly dissatisfied with the present government led by the CPN (UML), his party has been blocking parliamentary proceedings for more than a month now demanding discussion on the resolution against President Ram Baran Yadav’s decision of reinstating the then Army Chief, Rookmangud Katawal, in May. The party has also been boycotting all the programmes attended by the President, the Prime Minister and the Ministers. Black flags are shown to them and the party cadres throw stones at their vehicles.

Meanwhile, Mr. Dahal, who recently returned from Hong Kong, on Saturday said his party would try to find consensus with other parties to form a government under their leadership; if that does not happen, he says a revolt would be launched. “The United Nations will also support it,” he said.

However, UML leader Raghuji Pant who also works as the political adviser of the Prime Minister says the Maoists are not committed to the peace process and are rather conspiring against constitution-writing process. Mr. Prachanda had recently said that his army possesses the kind of weapons the state-owned Nepal Army does; the only difference was a helicopter, which only the Nepal Army has.

His remarks were “seriously discussed” among the leaders of Nepali Congress and UML on Saturday.

Meanwhile, Nepali Congress, the second largest party of the country and an important member of the coalition government has expressed its full support to the government led by the CPN-UML. On Saturday, Congress leaders met the Prime Minister at his residence and assured their full support until a new constitution is written and elections take place.

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