A British television investigation has reportedly found that confidential medical records sent to India for computerisation are being offered for sale, sparking another round of concern about breach of data security in that country.

The investigation is scheduled to be broadcast on ITV on its Tonight programme on Monday and is titled ‘Health Records for Sale.’ On the basis of the investigation, the police in Britain and their counterparts in India have reportedly launched an investigation.

Sall Anne Poole, head of investigations at the Information Commissioner’s Office, said: “We are very concerned that private patients’ medical records are on sale in India. The ICO will establish the full facts and will then decide what action, if any, needs to be taken. Medical records are sensitive personal information and must be held securely.”

Chris Rogers, the programme’s presenter, contacted two Indian salesmen through an internet chat room posing as a marketing executive keen to buy medical records to sell insurance and medicines.

Mr. Rogers reportedly bought 116 files with detailed medical records of British patients from the two salesmen, Daily Mail reported on Sunday.

One of the salesmen reportedly said they came from the staff at an Indian ‘transcription’ centre where medical records are computerised.

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