Three men have been arrested over the killing of Sukhwinder Singh, an Indian who was stabbed defending a young woman he saw being mugged in London, British police said.

Singh, a 31-year-old builder, gave a chase after seeing two men snatch a 28-year-old woman’s bag in Barking, east London, Friday. He died of a knife wound to the heart after being rushed to hospital.

Police, who arrested three men Wednesday, believe Sukhwinder managed to grab one of the men in a nearby street before being fatally stabbed.

A spokesman for Metropolitan Police, responsible for London and its suburbs, said they now believed more than two suspects were involved in the killing.

The murder of Sukhwinder, who is from Ludhiana district, has sparked a debate in Britain over the extent to which the public should intervene to stop acts of crime.

Sukhwinder’s parents, widow and son live in a village in Ludhiana district.


Indian stabbed to death by muggersJanuary 10, 2010

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