Motola, a female elephant who stepped on a landmine 10 years ago and endured painful operations, was fitted on Saturday in Thailand for a permanent artificial leg.

The 48-year-old pachyderm has become a symbol of the plight of elephants today. Her injury sparked international sympathy and donations.

Experts were making a cast of her injured left front leg for a plastic prosthetic limb which will be attached on Sunday.

“I do hope she will accept the new leg. It would be wonderful to see Motola and Baby Mosha walking together side-by-side,” said Soraida Salwala, secretary-general of the Friends of the Asian Elephant, a non-governmental group.

Mosha, also a landmine victim, was fitted with an artificial leg in 2007.

World’s first

Ms. Salwala said Mosha, now three, is faring well and has outgrown three prosthetic devices.

Both elephants have been cared for at the Elephant Hospital, set up by Ms. Soraida’s group in 1993.

The hospital, the world’s first such facility, has treated thousands of elephants for ailments ranging from eye infection to gunshot wounds.

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