‘Always Natural’ is the new campaign slogan that The Maldives has chosen for promoting it as an unique, high-end tourist destinations, even as the prolonged slowdown in Europe and elsewhere is beginning to affect tourist traffic across destinations and categories.

The Marketing and PR Corporation (MMPRC) revealed the country’s new tourism slogan and after a year-long consultation, research and design process, involving industry and government. The new slogan Always Natural is complemented by a logo highlighting the country’s unique natural characteristics.

“The slogan and logo are designed to underscore the outstanding natural beauty of the Maldives, which tourists from all segments of the market consistently rate as one of their main reasons for visiting the country,” said MMPRC Chairperson Thoyyib Mohamed.

A release said that the slogan and logo’s environmental theme is designed to support multiple industries including fisheries which employs sustainable, pole and line caught tuna as opposed to drift net fishing. Fisheries accounts for the country’s second largest source of revenue after tourism.

Dozens of tourism and other industry stakeholders were consulted, as well as the general public, before the final slogan and logo were designed. The slogan and logo were formally approved during today’s cabinet meeting, which was chaired by President Nasheed.

“The previous slogan was over 11 years old and we believe the new slogan and logo better represents the Maldives of today, as well as tomorrow,” said Simon Hawkins, Managing Director of the MMPRC.


Maldives set to harnesses the Sun in a big waySeptember 24, 2011

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