A waitress in a little-known English cafe has become famous after failing to recognise Prime Minister David Cameron and refusing to serve him saying she was too busy serving other customers.

Mr. Cameron was on his way to the Armed Forces Day celebrations in the English coastal city of Plymouth when he popped into a wayside joint called the Sandwich Box Plus café only to be told by Sheila Thomas that he would have to take his turn in the queue as she was in the middle of serving someone, The Daily Mail reported. The Prime Minister and his retinue of officials cooled their heels for about 10 minutes and when Ms. Thomas still paid no attention they trooped out — and into a next door bakery where they were treated like royal guests, though it seems Mr. Cameron only had a coffee and a bite of a jam doughnut.

An embarrassed Ms. Thomas said: “I didn’t realise it was him at first. I was in the middle of serving a customer so I was running around trying to do something and didn’t take too much notice to be honest. He asked if we served takeaway coffee and I said, ‘Yes but I’m in the middle of serving somebody’ and he said, ‘I’m so sorry’. It was only afterwards somebody told me it was the Prime Minister. He came back in afterwards and I told him off for not getting a coffee here. He shook hands and was very pleasant.”

It was the second time that a waitress failed to recognise Mr. Cameron. On a previous occasion, a waitress in Italy refused to serve him and his wife Samantha saying she was too busy. What’s it about the Tory Prime Minister that waitresses don’t notice him?

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