Ten Afghans, three NATO soldiers and a civilian translator for the foreign forces were killed and dozens were injured on Monday when a suicide bomber targeted a joint foot patrol of Afghan and NATO forces in eastern Afghanistan, officials said.

The bomber was riding a motorbike when he blew himself up in a busy bazaar in Khost, capital of Khost province, the provincial governor’s office said.

The NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) confirmed that three of its soldiers and a civilian hired as an interpreter were killed in a suicide bombing in eastern Afghanistan.

Earlier, it had said the incident was caused by a roadside bomb.

NATO officials did not disclose the exact location of the attack or the nationalities of those killed.

The governor’s office said the Afghans killed were six civilians and four police officers, including rapid reaction unit commander Mubarak Shah.

At least 37 civilians and three policemen were injured in the bombing in Adalat Square, it said.

Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid took responsibility for the attack in an online statement.

“The attack was carried out by hero mujahideen [freedom fighter] Shoaib Kunduzi by detonating an explosives-packed vest, resulting in the deaths of seven American soldiers and an interpreter,” Mr. Mujahid said, adding that six policemen were also killed.


Suicide bomber kills 41 in Afghan mosque October 26, 2012

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